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Self-defense course


My name is Alexander Thieme that i'm 21 years old. I started at the age of 5 years with Judo and operated for more than 3 years. After a few years break, I operate with 15 started self-defense. At that time I started Wing Tsun, since i often fear in the pub had finally and wished to break out of this fear. Also i wanted to be prepared for absolutely the worst. After a year located Wing Tsun then Krav Maga.

Today Krav Maga is incredibly well known, I think you additionally heard about it. In 2010, there was still a completely new system that has me convinced by its absolute practicality but immediately. We have these defense systems another 2 years practiced every day and my technique improve continuously. Today I, an individual system created from all impressions which i have taught in a variety of combat sports and fighting styles, is that for every simple to learn and intuitive applicable. Most crucial, however, THAT IT WORK! After several years of Martial Arts in Leipzig I moved for study to Hannover. For pretty much 3 years I operate here now kickboxing, now as being a fighter for the German national team in addition to being a coach. Nevertheless, I consider myself well when it comes to self-defense still fit.

I've trained with countless different people and I realize that most women have a hard time to use the techniques of many defense systems effective they do not have the same force being a man. My techniques are mainly inspired by the Krav Maga, really work for and against each and is used especially by women effectively.

That is why, and because the techniques are really simple to learn and even much easier to keep, I recommend only this product of self-defense and give much more this knowledge. I think, particularly when it comes to self-defense, only the best technology is good enough. Always remember: your daily life may depend on the failure or success of a technology.Since New Year's Eve in Cologne the eye in self-defense has risen exorbitantly. The self-defense classes gush over. Self-defense for ladies and beginners is a lot more popular than ever, but you are good this really something and help them to be to you safer?

Self-defense for women what exactly is expected?
First, you ought to time be asked exactly what the women actually expect through the courses the question. Most has already made it clear that you could not easily mastered by incorporating tricks of self-defense. On the contrary, for most systems, it takes months to years before system controlled and could be applied. There is also the problem that women are generally weaker than men and thus many techniques do not work because they are designed for men. Just what exactly would effective self-defense for women look like? Basically, they have to meet only 3 things ...

1. Self-defense for ladies must be easy to learn
What brings the paramount system, if it takes to learn years? Lots of women who want to learn self-defense, want a few weeks already achievement, with which they can defend themselves and incredibly help if need be. Thus, the system should be easy to learn.

2. Self-defense for ladies must always work
There are countless self-defense techniques. Many of them are based on judo, karate, kickboxing and other martial arts. These are mostly very complicated rather than applicable for everyone. What does a self-defense system which a twisted passage presupposes the top? Such complicated techniques are unfortunately really used. They're complicated and not particularly effective. A female also does not have all the power as a man and can therefore many techniques used anyway not. Especially with levers often lack the strength into the future at all in the lever. Therefore, it's particularly important that the self-defense for ladies is really working.

selbstverteidigung übungen

3. Self-defense for girls must be intuitive applicable
The intuitive using self-defense has two advantages: First, it's for beginners not aproblem to learn quickly and secondly, tend not to you unlearn it when you find yourself not training times for a while. So it should be a method that is completely intuitive applicable. If these three points are fulfilled, then really you will find there's chance that self-defense for starters and women working.

Self-defense for Beginners / women -The system works
Within my now quite long fighting career I obtained to know some self-defense systems and myself made from many impressions a system that is inspired by different systems. However, there are many systems that work well, but require a great deal of practice and there are simple
systems, but not always work, that is actually none of these systems have been.The only system that really works intuitively and where the basic techniques, therefore the techniques defenses against 80% of attacks on the highway really offer using some weeks to learn are, Krav Maga is. This product uses only techniques that anyone can use immediately and those which require neither much strength much mobility or coordination. Krav Maga is the ideal self-defense for beginners because it is based on natural reflexes. So that you do that, what would you do anyway and hang another 2-3 extremely effective processes to this natural reflex. This sequence is that this technique impressesand is used to any extent further instead of the normal reflex. Therefore, one can possibly the Krav Maga techniques for something (a few weeks) and very tough to forget.

I have been inspired by the Krav Maga in the preparation of my system, its keep is not 100% of the techniques work basic and intuitive, which is why I needed there hone a great deal. If you now want to start with DIRECT and want to study the techniques first, then you certainly just put a free account on with my self-defense course. With this I will show you each of the important self-defense techniques. Increase the risk for first step now to a more secure life, it's up to you whether you will learn self-defense or not, and can over the following dangerous situation friends and family your family and protect you!

Post by selbstverteidigung11 (2016-03-29 15:01)

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